Earth Architecture

  Earth is used for architectural construction for thousands of years.
The recent search for sustainability has given a renewed attention
towards earth architecture, for its environmental-friendly
and economic building materials.
  Reconstruction of a village in the Bay of Baratti during the Bronze Age
(XI - X centuries B.C.). The walls of the huts are built with earth.
  The Etruscan Concept of the Cosmos in wich three major forces operated:
heavenly (orange), earthly (green) and under worldly (blue). This division
 of the universe was used not only in divination but also in the planning of
cities and in the placement of temples and buildings.
Groundplan of the project of an agricultural barn under construction
since 2008 in the Bay of Baratti. This building will be used by the
Country Communication Centre for their Eco-activities, connected
with Living and Building with Earth.

Reception, shop and activities in the pavilion

Frida explaining the Etruscan concept of the cosmos

Daniela, our Chef preparing natural food in the outdoor kitchen

Building dry-stone walls by our traditional craft worker

Dry-stone walls are added in 2018 in Unesco Heritage of Humanity

As we have a lot of dew in the  morning, Daniele created a
possible solution to gather the condensed moisture

Sedum is growing on the roof

Drying of the flax and hemp harvest

Frida and Vittoriana working on the program of activities in 2019

  WORKSHOP 2017   
The creation of the green roof with earth and sedum plants.

Preparation of earth and filling the bags

Installation of the bags on the roof


Covering the bags with earth and planting the sedum

      WORKSHOP of 1 October 2017 with architect Antonio Carmilla:
maintenance of the last plaster 

Mixing of the materials: clay, potsherd, flax and water

Preparation of the wall and applying the grout

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Photographs of the workshops are created by:
Edo Zanandrea and Jurriaan Smit