Are you interested to organize your own workshop?
We organise events upon request or you
are welcome to participate in our permanent
workshop on Earth architecture, Tree-sleeping,
 Pilates, Natural Food and introduction
to the Etruscan World.

Events upon request


In 2019 many children upon the request of their teachers
visited the Country Communication Centre to introduce
them to Live with Nature and Build with Earth.

Concert with Etruscan flutes created by the musician
Freddy Engel with `Arundo Donaxā€¯, a tall perennial cane
growing in Barattibay.

During the concert Frida, the founder of the Country Communication
Centre shows a picture of a painting in which the Etruscan God
Vertumnus speaks to Pomona about the eternal marriage of the Elm
and the Vine. This painting refers to Ovidius "Metamorphosis". Related
to the creation of an archeobotanical garden to start in 2020,  named
the Garden of "Fufluns" in which the elm trees support the vines.
Fufluns is the Etruscan God of the wine (Bacchus for the Romans)
 and the protector of Fufluna, the archaic name of Populonia.

On request guided tours are offered. Call +39 3356146029


Hospitality in hut or (own) tent.

On appointment, free tasting takes place of our
gastronimic specialities. Call +39 3356146029

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Country Communication Centre
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