Organic Agriculture  
The Country Communication Centre has its headquarters on the land of an organic farm of 7 hectares where agriculture is developed based on human wellbeing and rediscovering of ancient skills. The farm specialises in the cultivation of flax, Italian hemp, arundo donax and other perennial species already present since the Etruscan times.
Field with Hemp
Impressions of the harvest of Italian Carmagnola Hemp
Field with Hemp and Flax 2012
Field with Flax
Lino  Chantal 2012

Lino Susanne 2012



After the harvest; separation of the seeds of Flax
Seeds blowing in the wind
Seeds of flax
Bundles of flax September 2012; drying in the sun
Dried bundles of Hemp and Flax to be used for weaving
Storage in 2012

Harvest of the flax

WORKSHOP of 9 September 2017 by Stefania Brandinelli:
 spinning of the flax

Splitting the flax to release the fiber

Cleaning the flax fiber

Spinning the flax

The final product

  The CCC produces ethnic-gastronomic specialities made by hand with care and love, based on own production of Flax and Hemp. Part of the land has been left fallow for many years and is "virgin ground" where many indigenous herbs and medical plants such as Bach flowers are growing.

Vittoriana, the secretary of the Country Communication Center, is an expert in
organic food, flower therapy and Bach flower remedies.

The organic vegetable garden
Creating organic fences with canes of Arundo Donax
Entrance near Barattibay made of organic material of the land: Hemp - Flax - Bamboo and Arundo Donax
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